When I saw this idea for a blog post I laughed, “Seven?  Only 7?!”  I can think of a million things I’d rather do, so shrinking the list down was a bit of a challenge.  I mean who likes cleaning the bathroom?  While making the list I was actually surprised at a few of them.

  1. DO MY TAXES?!  I am an accountant by profession and intentionally try to avoid the area of taxes in even my day to day work.  Just like the carpenter that doesn’t hang his own shelves.  I am notorious for not balancing my checkbook.  Thank goodness for MINT.COM, I don’t have to and it makes doing my taxes so much easier.  I was married to a self-employed carpenter, who kept all his records in a box and would hand it to me  at the end of the year so I could do the taxes.  I never hated a time of year more.  Technology is a wonderful thing!
  2. DECLUTTER MY ENTIRE APARTMENT!  Seriously, I actually went through every box, drawer, cubby and closet cleaned organized and got rid of a car load of stuff.  It took a week, rather than spend 30 minutes cleaning my bathroom, ok maybe 15 minutes.  I live alone, how bad can it be.
  3. SCOOP THE LITER BOX?!  I don’t even think about it. I take care of my cat better than myself sometimes.  While we are on the subject of my cat, Maggie, I spend time choosing just the right food, liter, getting only the best catnip. She has a warming mat that heats up only when she lays on it.  She got 2 Christmas stockings and a water fountain so her every need is satisfied.
    My Maggie
    The queen of the house!


  4. BINGE WATCH ANYTHING! I have managed to watch all the shows for Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld (I never watched it when it was on before.), Downton Abbey (time well spent), Friends, Storage Wars…procrastination at it’s best.
  5. MAKE A BUDGET.  Another thing accountants don’t generally do outside of work.
  6. CLEAN THE REFRIGERATOR! Actually that isn’t so bad since I don’t cook.  Cooking ranks right up there with taxes.  I learned to hate it when I was married.  It went from a creative outlet to a chore.  This brings me to the last one on this list.
  7. TAKING COOKING CLASSES.  I decided that this year I am going to try and fall in love with cooking again…RIGHT AFTER I CLEAN MY BATHROOM…I took my first class last weekend so guess what…I FINALLY cleaned my bathroom, every nook and cranny.

NOW, I am totally doing this in my bathroom!!

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