I grew up in New Hampshire and Easter was always one of my favorite times. I grew up with all brothers so going to church was usually when I dressed like an actual girl.  I liked it.

Easter was extra special, we would attend Sunrise Service at someones house.  It was near a lake or a pond.  There was a chill in the air, the grass was wet, you could smell the grass, trees and flowers.  My mother would dress me in a white hat, gloves and shoes.  I would wear a flowery dress, which I know she hand made just for me.

When I was in school and had to wear clothes she made I hated it.  I never appreciated what it took for her to make my dresses.  I wanted store bought clothes.  Today, I wish I could tell her that I think back to those Sunday dresses with happy memories.

I remember after the service we’d go fishing or bring friends back to our house and all the kids would run and play outside. We’d have Easter egg hunts, candy would be hidden all over the house.  We each had our own baskets, but my favorite part was Sunrise Service.

I think how exhausted my Mom must have been by the end of the day.  Thank you Mom for loving us so much!

What was your Easter like?

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