Brenda the Brave

There were three blog prompts that I could not separate this month and decided to do a bundle for this post.

  • 6 Top things streaming on my Facebook page
  • The last thing that scared me the most.
  • If you had one wish…what would it be for?
  1. The top thing streaming on my FB page is the election.  I HATE this season, because it really tests my patience with the ridiculous posts on both sides of the fence.  I get the urge to block certain feeds because I get sick of seeing all the negativity and bashing that goes on.  This #1 topic streaming also encompasses the other two blog topics.  Let me start by saying that since I have been able to vote the options have been dismal and I end up voting for the lesser of to evils.  Well this year takes the cake…this election season is the last thing…

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