How many of us have a passion that we dream about or talk about, but haven’t taken the step of taking action?  I believe that the passion we feel towards something is our soul talking to us.  It is gently trying to guide us to that gift we are supposed to realize, that thing that will make us truly happy.  The gift that when realized enables us to help, encourage or enlighten others.  We will never know how many people we touch with our actions, something as slight as a smile that turns someone down a new, better path in life.

I believe the arts play a huge role in our ability to create new ideas, concepts, solutions in business, life and love.  Creativity is passion in action!!

This page is dedicated to the many people I know who have not only had ideas, or have seen a need, and have followed through with the action to bring life to their ideas.

I have a list of people to interview and I will share their stories here.IMG_0284

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