What was your first car?

My first car was a Yugo. (pause for laughter)  In my defense, I lived in California and it was all I could afford. I have to say the payment of only $100 a month was still too high for this disposable car.  I will admit that is was pretty proud to finally have a car of my own.  I am positive my mother was happy to have full access to her car.

This is exactly what my car looked like, minus the happy people around it.

Imagine this little car with a Garfield stuck to the window, sheepskin seat covers (because we wouldn’t want to have any ware on those seats), fuzzy steering wheel cover and a 22 year old girl with a lead foot darting around the San Fernando Valley. This car had no glove compartment , it was basically a tin can on wheels, but I put a steering wheel anti-theft devise on it anyway.

The good thing about Yugo’s is that no cop in his right mind will write a ticket to someone for going 90 MPH in a Yugo.  My theory was that they would get laughed out of the precinct for that one.

So one night after a night of dancing  I drove my friend home and realized I had left my credit card at the bar.  This was before cell phones…way before!!  I was trying to get back to the bar before it closed to get my card back.  As I am exiting the freeway I see the lights go on behind me.  Ok, here we go and I am not going to make it to get my card back tonight.

The officer came up and starts with “Do you know how fast your were going?”

“No, sir.”

“You were clocked at 90 MPH.  This is a Yugo?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Where are you going so fast?”

I told him and he asked me give him my driver’s License and registration and get out of the car.  I explained I had to get out of the car to get the registration.  I handed him my license and he backed away as he watched me  disassemble my car seat cover. Instead of a glove compartment,  my car had a a zipper in the back of the drivers seat.  So I took off the drivers seat cover to get the registration out of the back of my seat, then reassemble the seat.  At this point both police officers are standing outside of their car and watching.  I am not exactly sure how the cop kept from laughing outright at this insane process.

They gave me a very brief sobriety test and released me without even a speeding ticket.  I guess they felt driving a Yugo was punishment enough or they just couldn’t believe that car could go that fast without falling apart.

Less than a year after purchasing this car the engine seized up and the car died.  I am sure it had nothing to do with my driving. 🙂

What was your first car?