Holistic Life

I find it interesting that Holistic Medicine is considered “Alternative Medicine”, when in fact holistic medicine is where we started and what is natural.  Rather than treating the symptoms or numbing the pain and sending you away, they want to know what the actual cause is.  Let’s get to the root of the problem.

I do this everyday in my work life as an accountant.  I hate cleaning up messes and would rather find the cause of the issue and educate to prevent it from happening again, than just make the correction and move on.  Over the past year I have been thinking about why I don’t do that when it comes to my health?

God has guided me down a path over the past 6 months which has led me to an entire team of doctors with a holistic approach to medicine and treating disease and ailments.  Our bodies are amazing and miraculous works of art.  When DSCN9192 (1)everything is in alignment and the brain and the organs can communicate your body will heal itself.  Had I found Dr Wall in 2012 I might have avoided a major surgery, but it is what it is.   I now have a nutritionist, a Holistic DO and a Holistic Chiropractor all who are treating the root causes and relieving me of all the medications all my previous doctors have put me on and have had me on for years.  I feel better physically today than I have since I was young.

I am so grateful for the path I am on today and the people who are in my life and who are coming into my life.  I am looking forward to 50 more years of health, vitality and true deep happiness.

Who wants to join me on this path?  It is broad and there is room for everyone!!