The Trifecta of Blog Prompts

There were three blog prompts that I could not separate this month and decided to do a bundle for this post.

  • 6 Top things streaming on my Facebook page
  • The last thing that scared me the most.
  • If you had one wish…what would it be for?
  1. The top thing streaming on my FB page is the election.  I HATE this season, because it really tests my patience with the ridiculous posts on both sides of the fence.  I get the urge to block certain feeds because I get sick of seeing all the negativity and bashing that goes on.  This #1 topic streaming also encompasses the other two blog topics.  Let me start by saying that since I have been able to vote the options have been dismal and I end up voting for the lesser of to evils.  Well this year takes the cake…this election season is the last thing that scared me the most.  I can’t believe anything that comes out of either Hillary or Trump’s mouths.  I can’t trust either will do the right thing in office.  Honestly, it made me think of an article I read last year, Early Warning:Identifying Potentially Genocidal Political Movements, I found it very scary.  My wish is for the people in office in this country to consider the welfare of the citizen’s before themselves.
  2. “If you believe in God, like & Share” posts. amen I have my own relationship with God.  Honestly I don’t think he reads Facebook posts or cares if I like or share any of the various types of posts crossing my page.  I don’t need to type “Amen” for it to be true that God loves me.
  3. Cat Videos (or Dog videos):  I love the cat videos and pictures.  I try my best to keep my page positive and uplifting as much as possible  watch this cute little video Cat Chat, a funny cat related picture that made me laugh so hard my sides hurt. 12803275_10153998366117287_2914277709992761146_n
  4. DIY Tips:  I love these because they give me ideas on things to try.  I love being creative. Today’s Craft Post
  5. Trust Your Journey:  This is one of my favorite pages on FB.  It is always uplifting and they have great little videos they post. 30 Second of Gratitude
  6. My friends photography or current projects.  I love to see what they are working on and support them in any way I can.  Kevin’s Photograph, Dianne’s Cross Stitch project. 12734258_10206092852339535_4903021319130432687_n